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Motorcycle Skills Test Prep

2 Hour Minimum

$60.00/Hour (use of your own motorcycle)

Motorcycle Skills Prep:

Our MST prep consists of talking to the new rider who have taken the MST but have been unsuccessful or have ridden in the past but looking at challenging the MST in the not to distant future.

We go over what is expected of the MST, assess their abilities and coach the new rider in the demands and principles of the MST. This is all done either on a one on one basis or if there is a group of liked minded new riders looking at taking the MST we will do this in a professional and safe group manner. Please note that it may take more time and training to get the student comfortable in the disciplines that are require to be successful to pass the MST.

Our ICBC licensed instructor(s) will instruct and coach and assist each student through all the required MST exercises. The exercises will include: 

The use of Friction Zone (do you know what the friction zone is??) 

Head and eye placement

Slow speed control techniques (u-turns, slaloms, figure 8, tight right and left hand turns, acceleration and deceleration of up to 25-30 kms/hr).

Defensive riding tactics.

1st Choice Motorcycle School Students Reminders:

Participants must have a their knowledge portion of their BC motorcycle license in order to participate in this MST Prep and have their own road worthy/insured motorcycle 

Participants under the age of 19yrs old must have a completed consent form signed by their parents or legal guardians. 

Participants are required to provide their own adequate riding gear (jacket, boots, pants, gloves and DOT approved motorcycle helmet).  

Registration Information:

Course: Motorcycle Skills Prep Training

Cost: $60.00/hour  
Duration: minimum 2 hours