Why do I ride a motorcycle? For those moments in time i get to experience all that Mother Nature has to offer “
From riding twistiest along a lake, or riding through the mountains, to exploring roads less traveled, I’ve been able to enjoy from the seat of my bike… learning to ride has never been a regret.
Bill was one of the instructors on the course where I learnt to ride. To go from no experience on a bike to being able to pass my MST that very next week was amazing. There were times on the course where an evolution would seem to be beyond me, and Bill would come over, have a quiet word, make you visualize something else, and you’re back out there, doing the turns.
Bill is a very experienced rider and a top notch instructor. He gives you the confidence and more importantly the competence to ride well. Learning the skills to pass the MST is only the beginning, riding a bike well is a lifelong endeavour and you’d do well to learn from a man of Bill’s experience.
Enjoy the journey, ride safe and ride well.