It was intimidating to sign up for this course, I had never been over 20km an hour, had no idea how to ride and was scared of my own shadow.

Good start on day one with coffee and muffins, we sat in the classroom while Bill patiently taught and answered every question we asked, and being brand new I had a lot! He encouraged them all, and allowed us to air all our anxieties, or fears and explained how he would help us alleviate them. I was doubtful.

I destroyed most of his pylons day two, but it was a blast! Over and over and over we did it until we weren’t scared and we had it right.

More coffee, more muffins, more lessons and before you know it day three rolls around and you are in traffic, on the highway and pulling outta hill stops!

Bill absolutely goes out of his way to ensure your safe, you feel confident and you are ready for skills and road test day. His willingness to bring you to any location, provide practice before the exam or offer gear, bike and/or maintenance tips proves this is a passion for him, not a job. Worth every penny spent!