I was a nervous novice, over 50, when Bill Roberts started teaching me to ride a motorcycle. It began with a ‘theory’ day in which we learned about specific skills for motorcyclists and general road safety. Bill kept the theory session interesting and on topic. This gave me the chance to get to know Bill’s teaching style, have confidence in his knowledge and develop a trust. It also gave him the opportunity to learn my strengths (stubbornly determined) and weaknesses (nervous). The second day was ‘on bike’ skills training in a large barrier free parking lot starting with very basic skills and progressing throughout the day in challenge and difficulty. His years of training motorcycle riders showed in the professional way he conducted the many training exercises. He was clear in his instructions, consistently stressing safety in each exercise. Bill was patient with me as I learned to master the required skills. He helped build my ability and confidence in each skill throughout the course with constant coaching, cajoling and when required, one on one guidance. The last day was an ‘on road’ day where I learned to ride in a group and experienced riding in traffic. This first road ride was scary and exhilarating all at the same time. Bill’s professional approach to motorcycle training and safety ensured that by the end of the course this ‘young old girl’ had the skills necessary to successfully complete the next step, ICBC Motorcycle Skills Test. Bill is an excellent instructor; he is dedicated to helping you attain the motorcycle handling skills and road safety awareness to get you out riding and home safely to ride again another day.

Joan Wilson

Bull River, BC