Advanced Motorcycle Skills Course in the East Kootenays

Novice Skills Course

  • 1 DAY Course

  • $350.00 (use of your own motorcycle)

1st Choice Motorcycle School Advanced Skills Course Description:

The Advanced Skills Course is geared towards riders wanting to expand their previous riding skills. This course has 8 hours of presentation and group discussion, review of See, Think, Do principle, sharing the road. During this training, students will participate in discussions and exercises that cover many aspects of operating and riding a motorcycle in today’s complex environment.

Our ICBC licensed instructor(s) are on hand to instruct, coach and assist each student through all the required course exercises. Some of these exercises include: 

Review of balance and braking with rider and passenger. 

Slow speed control techniques (u-turns, slaloms, figure 8, off set cone weave, 140 pull-out, dog-leg, counter steering, excel u-turns).

Defensive riding tactics.

High speed steering.

Cornering and curves.

Emergency maneuvers (braking & collision avoidance).

Space cushion.

Lane position and lane dominance.

Group and special riding situations.

1st Choice Motorcycle School Students:

Training Ratio: 2 Students to 1 Instructor  

Participants must have a valid Motorcycle License in order to participate in this course and must bring it with them to EVERY class. No license, No riding! 

Participants under the age of 19yrs old must have a completed consent form signed by their parents or legal guardians. 

Participants are required to provide their own adequate riding gear (jacket, boots, pants, gloves and DOT approved motorcycle helmet). If possible, please arrive to all classes 10-15min early 

It’s a good idea to bring water and a snack. Always stay hydrated. 

Dress appropriately for weather conditions (warm clothes, rain gear, layers, etc). We ride rain or shine!  

Registration Information:

Course:Advanced Skills Course
Cost:$350 (use of your own insured motorcycle)


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